Coral BI is a case study into a easy-to-understand metric and dashboard solution.


Coral BI was designed to be unobtrusive and simple. For years, data has been inaccessible, often requiring dedicated analylists to interpret data for the owner. This app is designed to be intuitive for anyone to understand.


Drilling into a metric shows more a more detailed view. There also are options to further work with said metric.


When a collection of metrics is collected together and shared, a dashboard is created. Dashboards in Coral BI are easy to share, and feature live data that stay within the confines of the application.


The app not only can hold all of your metrics, but also multiple dashboards at the touch of a button. Finding what you need is simple, and sharing your data with others is easy.


Coral BI easily fits into your daily life. On IOS, Coral BI’s metric tiles easily work as widgets on your home screen, making checking your data as easy as viewing the stock exchange.


Sometimes, work needs to get done at all hours of the day. Coral BI makes it easy to understand your information without putting extra strain on your schedule, or even your eyes.


Coral BI was an incredible case study to work on. It represents the kind of application that I want to bring to life myself.

This concept was designed by Adam Husting