This is an app to help beginner designers learn how to practice industrial design and for more experienced designers to share their knowledge and work.

First, I created a plan for what app I wanted to make. This is what it looked like.

I wanted to help people learn how to sketch using an iterative workflow, how to properly use perspective and shape, how to shade and manage color effectively, how to use particular techniques to create a product or design that a consumer would like to purchase, own, and use for the longest time possible, and finally, how to apply these new skills in a career in the field.

The app that I plan to create for this book will have a multitude of features inspired by the lessons, advice, and techniques found within the book. The app will contain the following pages, backed up with a ton of useful information and interactive elements in the respective category.

The app will be not just a place of learning industrial design techniques, but also a place to follow the recent news in the industry, social feed to follow friends and mentors, a place to upload work for critiques, and a place to search for supplies and events related to the career. I chose this app because I have a have hobby for drawing industrial design work, but the community field for learning the skill is hard to enter. I think that creating an easy to use app would significantly help those who wish to learn, and also provide a great place for an industrial design community.

The next step I took was to create early sketches of my concepts.

Link to PDF of Concept Sketches

After this, I created an information architecture map to plan my concept’s flow.

After this, I created a brand with selected colors. this marks the finished app.

March 16, 2018