Assignment to create a exhibit booth for a company attending a conference that would appeal to customers and the press.

Featured in this concept is a area for playing Blizzard’s newest game Overwatch, which is likely to be the featured product due to the game’s young age.

Near the back of the exhibit is a meeting area for other companies and potential partners to meet with Blizzard representatives about business matters.

The purpose of the assignment was to demonstrate skills in color, form, construction, hierarchy, and craft.

The model was created using cardstock paper, foam board, aluminum wire, cardboard, aluminum stock, textured paper, velum, jewelry, miniature picture frames, and plastic beads.

Graphics for the model were created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator with videos of Blizzard’s game Overwatch projected on two 7th Generation Apple IPod Nano devices.

White Experimental Models

Final Model

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March 4, 2017